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Grand Chamber judgment concerning the Czech Republic


In the case of Vavřička and Others v. the Czech Republic concerning mandatory infant vaccination, the Court found no violation of the Convention.

In the Czech Republic there is a general legal obligation to vaccinate children against nine well-known diseases. Parents who do not comply with this obligation, without good reason, may be fined, and children who have not been vaccinated are not admitted to nursery schools.

In this case, some of the applicants had been refused admission to nursery school, while others had been fined for refusing to vaccinate their children.

The Court found that the measures complained of by the applicants, when assessed in the national context, had struck a fair balance with the aims pursued by the Czech State, i.e. protection against diseases representing a serious risk for one’s health.

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The French authorities have introduced a number of restrictions in the framework of the COVID-19 public-health crisis. The Court, while complying with the public-health measures adopted by our host State, in particular by prioritising teleworking and electronic communications, is continuing all its activities in accordance with the usual rules. Unlike during the previous lockdown periods, no special arrangements have been made in respect of procedures and time-limits. 

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  • Judgment concerning Croatia


    In the case of Mraović v. Croatia, the Court has decided to strike the case out of its list after noting that the applicant had died in November 2020 and that none of his relatives had expressed the wish to maintain the application. The case concerned the applicant’s right to a public hearing in rape proceedings against him.

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  • Conference on inter-State cases

    Conference on inter-State cases

    President Robert Spano and, among others, some former judges of the Court and members of its Registry will take part in a video-conference on the theme “Inter-State cases under the European Convention on Human Rights: Experiences and current challenges”.

    This high-level event will take place on 12 and 13 April 2021 and can be followed live. It is being held in conjunction with the German chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, in cooperation with PluriCourts and the Human Rights Centre in Potsdam.


    List of speakers

    Live Broadcast from 3 pm

  • International Human Rights Forum

    International Human Rights Forum

    The ECHR, with the support of the German Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, organised the second International Human Rights Forum.

    Judges from the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights exchanged views on current issues, areas of specific concern or priority and case-law developments in the three courts.

    The event took place by video-link and the video is now available.


     Video of the Forum: Original language - English - Spanish

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