Rules of Court

Rules of Court

Translations into non-official languages:

Report on the implementation of the revised rule on the lodging of new applications:

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Practice Directions

Practice directions are issued by the President of the Court to provide clarification on aspects of the Court's procedure. They concern:

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Requests for interim measures

When the Court receives an application it may decide that a State should take certain measures provisionally while it continues its examination of the case.

These measures, known as ‘interim measures’, will only be indicated by the Court in strictly defined conditions and must be requested in accordance with the requirements set out in the practice direction on requests for interim measures.

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*) only English and French versions are up to date: the other language versions will soon be updated

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Just satisfaction claims

When it finds a violation of the Convention, the Court may make an award of ‘just satisfaction’ to the applicant(s).

This award is not automatic and applicants wishing to claim it for any damage must comply with the procedural and substantive conditions set out in the practice direction on just satisfaction claims.


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Guidelines - Protocol No. 16

The Guidelines, which were approved by the Plenary Court on 18 September 2017 and are non-binding, should be read in the light of the provisions of Protocol No. 16 to the Convention and the corresponding Rules of the Rules of Court, also reproduced in Appendix I to the Guidelines. 

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Only the English and French versions of the official texts have been validated by the Court.

The translations into non-official languages come from various sources.