Grand Chamber hearing concerning Finland


The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Satakunnan Markkinapörssi Oy and Satamedia Oy v. Finland.

The case concerns the ban on two publishing companies’ processing of taxation data.

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Grand Chamber

  • Relinquishment of jurisdiction


    The Chamber to which the case of Correia de Matos v. Portugal had been assigned relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber.

    The case concerns the criminal proceedings brought against the applicant, a lawyer, for insulting a judge, and the fact that he was not permitted to conduct his own defence in those proceedings because the Portuguese courts required him to be represented by a lawyer.

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  • Judgment concerning Germany


    The Court decided to strike out the case of Khan v. Germany, on the basis of the German Government’s assurance that the applicant would not be deported under the order against which the application had been lodged. Ms Kahn, a Pakistani national who had committed manslaughter in Germany while in a state of mental incapacity, had submitted that her deportation to Pakistan would breach the Convention.

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  • Inadmissibility decision


    The Court has declared the application in the case of Ahmed v. the United Kingdom inadmissible as being manifestly ill-founded.

    The case concerned the trial and conviction of the applicant, who had been accused of being a member of a paedophile gang operating in Bolton (United Kingdom) and had been sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment. The applicant alleged that his trial had been unfair.

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  • Judgment concerning the Russian Fedration


    In the case of Karelin v. Russia, the Court found a violation of the right to a fair trial on account of the absence of a prosecuting party in the proceedings brought against the applicant for an administrative offence.

    The Court held that the Russian government had to secure a mechanism which provided sufficient safeguards for ensuring the impartiality of the courts dealing with such cases by introducing a prosecuting authority for oral hearings or by other appropriate means.

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