Judgments concerning Poland

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In the cases of Al Nashiri v. Poland and Husayn (Abu Zubaydah) v. Poland, concerning the extraordinary rendition by the CIA of two terrorism suspects to secret detention sites in Poland, the Court found a number of violations of the Convention. It held in particular that the applicants had been subjected to acts of torture during their detention in Poland and that the Polish Government had failed to comply with their obligations under Article 38, as they had refused to provide the Court with certain items of evidence. The Court further ruled that Poland should seek to remove the risk that Mr Al Nashiri might be sentenced to death, by seeking assurances from the US authorities that such penalty will not be imposed.

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Chamber judgments

  • Judgment concerning the United Kingdom


    In the case of Firth and Others v. the United Kingdom the Court held that there had been a violation of the right to free elections. The case concerned ten prisoners who had been automatically deprived of the right to vote in the 2009 elections to the European Parliament on account of their conviction and imprisonment.

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  • Judgment concerning the Russian Federation


    The Court has delivered its judgment on just satisfaction in the case of OAO Neftyanaya Kompaniya Yukos v. Russia, which follows on from the judgment on the merits (20 September 2011) in which it found several violations of the Convention. The Court held that Russia was to pay the sum of 1,866,104,634 euros in respect of pecuniary damage to the shareholders of Yukos, as they had stood at the date of the company’s liquidation and, if applicable, their legal successors and heirs, and also 300,000 euros in respect of costs and expenses to the Yukos International Foundation.

    The case concerned the tax and enforcement proceedings brought in 2004 against the Russian oil company Yukos, which eventually led to its liquidation in 2007.

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Grand Chamber


  • Decision concerning Ireland


    The Court has declared inadmissible two applications lodged by prisoners who had received mandatory sentences of life imprisonment for murder, and who complained that their continued imprisonment was in breach of the Convention.

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Other judgments

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