Judgment concerning Türkiye

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In the case of Aktürk and Others v. Türkiye the Court held that there had been no violation of the protection of property.

The case concerned the applicants’ complaint about a decision by the administrative authorities to annul the sale of a plot of agricultural land since it was being claimed on public-interest grounds by the authorities.

The Ankara Directorate General of Civil Security and Crisis Management had requested the land in question – located in an area that had been declared a flood zone as a result of heavy rains – with a view to building homes for victims of natural disasters on it.

The Court found that the task of deciding on the type of measures to be implemented in order to prevent natural hazards and the type of relief to be provided to those affected by them was primarily one for the national authorities, such measures belonging, par excellence, to spheres in which the State intervened. Those were measures which undeniably concerned the general interest.

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