Rule 39

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Terms and conditions

The ECHR Rule 39 Site is a service to allow an applicant to lodge a request for interim measures with the Court electronically, under Rule 39 of the Rule of Court.

Submissions which do not concern requests for interim measures will not be examined and the request on this site will immediately be closed.

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1. General

By using the ECHR Rule 39 Site you declare that you have understood that, as in the case of correspondence sent by post or other means, you must answer to the Court’s requests within the deadlines set out in the letters submitted to you. Information and documents sent by the Court are deemed to have been delivered on the day of their transmission to your Rule 39 account.

You should regularly connect to your account and contact the Court immediately in the event of a technical problem.

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2. Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA)

To access the ECHR Account Services, an MFA is required.

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3. Data retention

The ECHR Rule 39 Site only retains documents published for a 3 month period after which the request is closed. It is the applicants’ responsibility to download and save the documents sent by the Court before this 3 month limit.

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4. Naming convention

Only characters from the Extended ASCII are authorised in the titles of documents transmitted to the Court (Cyrillic characters or other alphabets cannot be used).

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5. Document format

Documents sent to the Court must be in PDF format only, duly signed if necessary. The PDF documents must be of the type “text PDF” and not “image-based PDF”.

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6. Document size

PDF documents should be optimised so they are as small as possible without sacrificing readability.

  • The maximum authorised size per PDF document is 50 Mb.
  • If a document exceeds this limit, then it should be split and named accordingly (e.g. Part 1, Part 2, etc.).
  • If a document is under this limit, then it should not be split into separate documents.
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7. Date and time sent

The date and time of transmission displayed on the ECHR Rule 39 Site is Strasbourg (France) local time.

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8.  Web browsers supported

The ECHR Rule 39 Site requires a recent version of a modern web browser.

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9. Technical issues

If you cannot access the ECHR Rule 39 Site or if you are unable to send or receive documents, please try to access the site from another computer. If the technical problem persists, please contact the Court immediately.

In case of difficulty and if the documents must be sent urgently, then they should be sent by fax (+33 (0)3 90 21 43 50 or +33 (0)3 88 41 39 00).