Form for Governments

Submit observations to the Court

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How to download the form

Form for Government observations

The form will work correctly only with Adobe Reader 9 upwards and is only supported under the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Please ensure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer (download available from

1. Save a copy of the form:

  • Right-click on the link or icon above
  • According to your browser, choose one of available options “Save target as”, “Save Link As” or “Download Linked File As…”
  • Save the form on your computer in a chosen location.

2. Fill in the form:

  • Open the saved copy of the form in Adobe Reader from the chosen location
  • Fill in the form and save it.
  • Once you have completed the form, you should send it to the Court using the secured website.
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How to complete the form

Section A. Information about the application(s)

This section should be completed in English or French.

Section B. to F.

Typed text in the form is displayed in 'Calibri' typeface. To apply bold, italic or underline, select text > right click > Text style > choose the format you wish to apply.

If you wish to use Headings, specific layouts, a different typeface or special characters, you may paste text copied from external sources such as a “Word” document. Very complex layouts such as tables will not display correctly. If required, tables should be submitted in separate documents and referred to in the list in section F.”