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In the case of Zelenchuk and Tsytsyura v. Ukraine concerning a ban on the sale of farmland in Ukraine, the Court found a violation of the right to protection of property.

The Court noted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union Ukraine had mostly distributed farm land to people who had previously worked on collective farms, but had introduced, supposedly on a temporary basis, a ban on the sale of such land. No other Council of Europe State had such a blanket ban. The Court concluded that Ukraine should take the appropriate action to strike a fair balance between farmland owners and the general interests of the community.


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  • Judgment concerning Croatia


    In the case of Jureša v. Croatia the Court found no violation of the Convention.

    The applicant complained of the dismissal of her appeal on points of law by the Supreme Court on the grounds that the value of the dispute had not reached the necessary legal threshold.

    The Court noted that the decision given by the Supreme Court in the applicant’s case had amounted to a reversal of case-law. It considered that such changes in case-law, involving the interpretation and application of legislation, were within the discretion of domestic courts, in the absence of arbitrariness and where not manifestly unreasonable. That had been the situation in Ms Jureša’s case.

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  • Judgment concerning "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"


    The Court has found a violation of Article 1 of Protocol No. 7 (procedural safeguards relating to expulsion of aliens) in the case of Ljatifi v. “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. The applicant is a Serbian national who had fled Kosovo and obtained asylum and a residence permit in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. She complained that she had been unable to comment on the evidence produced against her in proceedings which had led to an order expelling her from the country on the grounds that she was a risk to national security.

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Grand Chamber

  • Referral requests


    On 28 May 2018, a panel of five judges will examine 16 Grand Chamber referral requests.

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  • Facts and Figures by State

    Facts and Figures by State

    To mark the Croatian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Court has produced a new publication: The ECHR and Croatia in Facts and Figures. This is the 3rd document in a series (the previous versions focused on the Czech Republic and Denmark) providing a global overview of the Court’s work and the extent to which its judgments have an impact in each member State.

    The ECHR and Croatia - Facts and figures 

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Forthcoming Hearing

  • Grand Chamber hearing in an inter-State case

    Grand Chamber hearing in an inter-State case

    On 23 May 2018 the Court will be holding a Grand Chamber hearing in the inter-State case of Georgia v. Russia (II).

    The case concerns the armed conflict which broke out between Georgia and the Russian Federation in August 2008 and its consequences.

    The application was declared admissible in 2011 after a Chamber hearing. The Chamber in question thereafter declined jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber.

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    Inter-States Applications 

    Calendar of hearings Country profile - Georgia Country profile - Russia


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