Chamber judgment concerning Azerbaijan

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In the case of Mammadov and Others v. Azerbaijan the Court found several violations of the Convention.

The initial application had been lodged by an Azerbaijani academic, editor-in-chief of an Azerbaijani-Talysh newspaper, who complained that he had been held illegally and subjected to ill-treatment by agents from the national security ministry, without being given the medical treatment he required. He died while still in custody in 2009, after which his wife and his son, who also died in 2011, maintained the application and raised a fresh complaint related to the death.


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  • Judgment concerning Romania

    Judgment concerning Romania

    In the case of Tothpal and Szabo v. Romania, the Court found that there had been a violation of the right to freedom of religion. The applicants, two unfrocked priests, complained of their criminal conviction for unlawful exercise of pastoral duties.

    In the Court’s view, State measures in favour of the leader of a divided religious community or geared to forcing that community to combine under a single leader amounted to an infringement of freedom of religion. In a democratic society the State should not adopt measures to ensure that religious communities were placed or remained under a single authority.

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  • Judgment concerning Finland


    In the case of SA-Capital Oy v. Finland the Court held that there had been no violation of the right to a fair hearing.

    The case concerned the applicant company’s complaint that Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court had relied on hearsay evidence about its role in an asphalt cartel and had increased a fine on it.

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  • ECHR by Monsieur Z

    ECHR by Monsieur Z

    For the Court's 60th anniversary, the French illustrator and graphic artist Monsieur Z has designed a poster showing the Human Rights Building.


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  • Visit to the French Conseil d'État

    Visit to the French Conseil d'État

    On 15 February 2019, President Guido Raimondi went to the French Conseil d'État in Paris for a working meeting. He was accompanied by Judges Nußberger, Sicilianos, Spano, De Gaetano, Kjølbro, Yudkivska and Potocki.


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