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Chamber judgment concerning the Russian Federation

Human Rights building


In the case of Carter v. Russia, the Court has found a violation of the right to life and a failure to comply with the obligation to provide it with any necessary facilities for its examination of a case.

The case concerned the poisoning with polonium 210 of the applicant’s husband, Aleksandr Litvinenko, in the United Kingdom, and the investigations into his death. Mr Litvinenko had worked for the Russian security services before defecting to the UK where he was granted asylum. In 2006 he was fatally poisoned with a radioactive substance in London. A public inquiry in the UK found that the assassination had been carried out by individuals on behalf of someone else.

The Court found in particular that there was a strong presumption that, in poisoning Mr Litvinenko, the assassins had been acting as agents of the Russian State. It noted that the Russian Government had failed to provide any other satisfactory and convincing explanation of the events or counter the findings of the UK inquiry.

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  • Judgment concerning Greece

    Judgment concerning Greece

    In the case of Anagnostakis and Others v. Greece the Court held that there had been a violation of the right to respect for private and family life.

    The case concerned the access rights granted to the applicants, the father and grandparents of the child concerned (who was two years old when the application was lodged), and the length of various sets of proceedings in which the opposing party was the child’s mother.

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Interim Measures

  • Interim measures lifted concerning Latvia


    The Court has decided to lift the interim measures indicated on 25 August 2021 in the case of Ahmed and Others v. Latvia. These concerned recent events at the Latvian-Belarus border, where the applicants – 41 Iraqis of Kurdish ethnic origin – were attempting to enter Latvia, allegedly with a view to seeking international protection.

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  • Hearing in September

    Hearing in September

    The Court will be holding a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of H.F. and M.F. v. France and J.D. and A.D. v. France on 29 September 2021.

    The cases concern the requests to repatriate two French women held in a camp in Syria with their children.

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