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Advisory opinion

HRB Ceiling


The Court delivered its advisory opinion in reply to a request from the Armenian Constitutional Court.

The case concerned the interpretation of an article of the Armenian Penal Code making it a criminal offence to overthrow the constitutional order and its application under Article 7 (no punishment without law) of the Convention, in the context of proceedings against the former President Robert Kocharyan.


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  • Judgment concerning Azerbaijan and Hungary

    Judgment concerning Azerbaijan and Hungary

    In the case of Makuchyan and Minasyan v. Azerbaijan and Hungary the Court held that there had been several violations of the Convention by Azerbaijan and no violation of the Convention by Hungary.

    The case concerned the presidential pardon given to a convicted murderer and his release following his transfer from Hungary to Azerbaijan to serve the rest of his sentence. R.S., a military officer from

    Azerbaijan, killed an Armenian military officer and attempted to kill another one when they were attending a course in Hungary in 2004. The case also concerned more generally the hero’s welcome

    given to R.S. in Azerbaijan upon his return.

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  • Judgment concerning the Republic of Moldova


    In the case of P.T. v. the Republic of Moldova the Court has found a violation of the right to respect for private life.

    The case concerned the disclosure of the applicant’s HIV seropositive status in a certificate exempting him from military service. He had had to show the certificate when renewing his identification papers and in certain other situations, such as whenever he applied for a new job.

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  • Inadmissibility decision

    Inadmissibility decision

    The Court declared the application in the case of Graner v. France inadmissible for failure to exhaust domestic remedies.

    The applicant, a physicist and research director at the French national research agency and Paris Diderot University, investigated France’s role in Rwanda before, during and after the genocide of the Tutsis in 1994. In the proceedings before the Court he complained about the refusal to allow him to consult certain documents in the archives concerning Rwanda dating from François Mitterrand’s presidency.

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