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Grand Chamber judgment concerning the Russian Federation

Human Rights building


In the case of Khasanov and Rakhmanov v. Russia the Court held that there would be no violation of the prohibition of torture and of inhuman or degrading treatment if the applicants were extradited to Kyrgyzstan.

The case concerned the applicants’ allegation that they risked ill-treatment if extradited to Kyrgyzstan because they belonged to the Uzbek ethnic minority, who have been persecuted by the authorities since interethnic clashes in 2010.

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Webcast of the hearing (20/01/2021)

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Protocol No. 15 to the Convention reduces from 6 to 4 months the time-limit for lodging an application before the Court after the final domestic decision taken in the framework of the exhaustion of domestic remedies. This new four-month time-limit came into force on 1 February 2022. However, it only applies to applications in which the final domestic decision in question was taken on or after 1 February 2022. This change of time-limit was adopted by the (then) 47 member States of the Council of Europe.

Other Information

  • Moot Court Winner 2022

    Moot Court Winner 2022

    A team from the University of Oxford was declared winner of the 10th edition of the European Moot Court Competition in English on the European Convention of Human Rights. 19 university teams from 12 countries were competing to win a fictitious case related to natural disasters and environmental protection from 11 to 13 May 2022.

    This competition is organised jointly by the Council of Europe and the European Law Students Association (ELSA).

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Grand Chamber

  • Referrals


    On 9 May 2022 the Grand Chamber panel of 5 judges decided to adjourn one referral request and to reject requests to refer six other cases.

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    Cases pending before the Grand Chamber

  • Relinquishment


    The Chamber to which the case Yalçınkaya v. Turkey had been allocated has relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber.

    The case concerns the trial and conviction of the applicant for membership of the FETÖ/PDY. The trial took place in the aftermath of the attempted coup d’état of 15 July 2016.

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    Cases pending before the Grand Chamber



  • Judgment concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina


    In the case of Simić v. Bosnia and Herzegovina the Court held that there has been a violation of the freedom of expression.

    The case concerned a joke that the applicant, a lawyer, told in court to illustrate his criticism of the proceedings in which he was representing a client. As a result, he was fined for contempt of court.

    The Court considered that the applicant’s joke, made only in the courtroom and not to the media, had been meant as a criticism of the way in which the rules of evidence had been applied in the case he was defending and had not been intended to insult the members of court.

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  • Judgment concerning Russia


    In the case of Solyanik v. Russia the Court held that there had been a violation of the right to respect for home, private and family life.

    The case concerned the applicant’s complaint about pollution from a cemetery located very close to his house and adjacent plot of land.

    The Court noted that the cemetery had gradually expanded towards the applicant’s property and that there were forensic reports finding that the soil and water on his land was dangerously contaminated. It found that the cemetery was operating in blatant breach of domestic law, despite reprimands by the consumer-protection authorities and a court order to create a 500-metre health-protection zone around it.

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    Factsheet: Environment


Official visits

  • Official visit to Norway

    Official visit to Norway

    On 11 and 12 May 2022 President Robert Spano paid an official visit to Norway. On that occasion, he was granted an audience with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. During this visit, President Spano met Jonas Gahr Støre, Prime Minister, Emilie Enger Mehl, Minister for Justice and Public Security, Eivind Vad Petersson, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and had a working meeting with Judges of the Supreme Court of Norway, led by Chief Justice Toril Marie Øie. He also gave a lecture entitled The European Court of Human Rights responding to backlash, populism and challenges to the rule of Law at the University of Oslo. President Spano was accompanied by Arnfinn Bårdsen, judge elected in respect of Norway, and Marialena Tsirli, Registrar of the Court.


Official visit to Norway


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