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Chamber judgment concerning Finland

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In the case of N.A. v. Finland, the Court found that there had been a violation of the right to life and the prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. The applicant had complained of a decision by the Finnish authorities to deport her father to Iraq, where he was shot dead in 2017, shortly after his return.

The Court found in particular that the Finnish authorities had not carried out a thorough enough assessment of the individual risks faced by the applicant’s late father in Iraq although he had already faced two near deadly attacks there in a context of tension between Shia and Sunni groups (the father being a Sunni Muslim).


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  • Visit of the French Minister of Sports

    Visit of the French Minister of Sports

    On 14 November 2019, Roxana Maracineanu, Minister of Sports of France, was received by President Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos. Roderick Liddell, Registrar, also attended the meeting.



  • Judgment concerning Azerbaijan

    Judgment concerning Azerbaijan

    In the case of Natig Jafarov v. Azerbaijan the Court held that there had been several violations of the Convention. 

    The case concerned the arrest, pre-trial detention and confinement in a metal cage in court of the applicant, co-founder of the political movement called Republican Alternative Civic Movement (REAL) . 

    The Court reiterated its previous findings as regards a pattern of measures being used against opposition and civil society activists like the applicant which aimed at suppressing their activities. It thus found that the measures against him had similarly been imposed for an ulterior purpose.


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