Grand Chamber judgment concerning Ukraine



In the case of Denisov v. Ukraine, the Court found a violation of the right to a fair hearing.

The applicant argued that he had been removed from his office as president of the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal in 2011 following unfair proceedings.



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  • Judgment concerning Azerbaijan

    Judgment concerning Azerbaijan

    In the case of Aliyev v. Azerbaijan the Court found that there had been several violations of the Convention, in particular the prohibition of torture and the rights to liberty and security. The case concerned the detention of a lawyer and human rights activist on charges including illegal entrepreneurship, embezzlement and tax evasion.

    The Court found that the measures taken against the applicant had been aimed at silencing and punishing him for his human rights activities. It found in particular that this case was part of “a troubling pattern of arbitrary arrest and detention of critics of the Government, civil society activists and human rights defenders”. The Court called on the Government to take steps to protect such people, ensuring that there were no more retaliatory prosecutions and misuse of the criminal law against them.

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  • Judgment concerning Armenia

    Judgment concerning Armenia

    In the case of Mushegh Saghatelyan v. Armenia, the Court held that there had been several violations of the Convention.

    The case concerned an opposition activist’s allegation of a politically motivated crackdown following a wide-scale protest against the presidential elections in 2008. He complained in particular that he had been ill-treated by the police, that his arrest had been unlawful and that the entire criminal case then brought against him had been fabricated. He had eventually been convicted for assaulting two police officers and illegally carrying a knife. 

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  • Judgment concerning Poland


    In the case of Solska and Rybicka v. Poland, the Court found a violation of the right to respect for private and family life on account of the exhumation of the bodies of the applicants’ husbands for the purposes of an investigation, despite the applicants’ objections.

    The applicants are the widows of an association president and an MP, both of whom were killed in 2010 when the aircraft transporting the Polish President and senior State officials crashed on its way to a ceremony commemorating the Katyń massacre. Ninety-six people were killed in the crash in Smolensk, Russia.

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  • Inadmissibility decision


    The Court has declared the application in the case of Tuheiava v. France inadmissible.

    The applicant, a lawyer and former Senator, complained of a visit by the Chair of the Bar Council to his office during his absence in the framework of disciplinary proceedings.

    The Court reiterated, in particular, that while lawyers must have special protection in discharging their professional duties, it was legitimate for standards of conduct to be required of them, under the monitoring and supervisory powers vested in Bar councils.

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Official Visit

  • Visit by the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

    Visit by the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

    On 24 September 2018, Alexander Konovalov, Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, visited the Court and was received by President Guido Raimondi. Dmitry Dedov, judge elected in respect of the Russian Federation, and Roderick Liddell, Registrar, also attended the meeting.



  • Forthcoming hearing

    Forthcoming hearing

    The Court will be holding a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of N.D. and N.T. v. Spain on 26 September 2018.

    The case concerns the immediate return to Morocco of sub-Saharan migrants who attempted on 13 August 2014 to enter Spanish territory illegally by scaling the fences which surround the Melilla enclave on the North African coast.

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