Entry into force of Protocol No. 16


Protocol No. 16 to the Convention came into force on 1 August 2018. It affords the highest courts and tribunals of the States Parties the possibility of requesting the Court to give advisory opinions on questions of principle relating to the interpretation or application of the rights and freedoms defined in the Convention or the Protocols thereto.

The highest courts and tribunals designated by the 10 States that have ratified Protocol No. 16 (Albania, Armenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Lithuania, San Marino, Slovenia and Ukraine) can now ask the Court for an advisory opinion in the context of cases pending before them.

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  • New edition of the Rules of Court

    New edition of the Rules of Court

    A new edition of the Rules of Court has been published.

    Rules of Court



  • Inadmissibility decision


    The Court has declared the application in the case of Gohe v. France inadmissible.

    The case concerned searches and seizures performed at the homes of third parties at the tax authorities’ request for the purpose of inspecting the four applicants’ accounts, as a result of which they received supplementary tax assessments and one of them was convicted of tax fraud.

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Interim Measures

  • Interim measures granted

    Interim measures granted

    The Court has decided to allow a request for interim measures in the case brought by the imprisoned film director Oleg Sentsov.

    It called on the Russian Federation to provide Mr Sentsov with treatment appropriate to his condition in an institutionalised medical setting. It also invited Mr Sentsov to end his hunger strike.

    The applicant, Oleg Gennadyevich Sentsov, was arrested by the Russian authorities in Crimea in May 2014 and charged with terrorism offences.

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Forthcoming Judgments & Decisions

Forthcoming judgments: 28 August 2018