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Grand Chamber hearing concerning Belgium

Human Rights Building Main hearing room


The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of M.N. and Others v. Belgium.

The applicants are a Syrian couple and their children, who are all living in Aleppo. They complain about being refused short-stay visas for which they applied in 2016, from the Belgian Consulate in Beirut, with a view to seeking asylum in Belgium on humanitarian grounds.


Press release

Webcast of the hearing

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  • Solemn installation of the Court in 1959

    Solemn installation of the Court in 1959

    The solemn installation of the Court took place 60 years ago this week, on 20 April 1959.

    15 judges were sworn in: Kemal Arik (Turkey), Einar Arnalds (Iceland), Giorgio Balladore Pallieri (Italy), René Cassin (France), Åke Ersnt Holmbäch (Sweden), Georges Maridakis (Greece), Richard McGonigal (Ireland), Lord McNair (the United Kingdom), Hermann Mosler (Germany), Eugène Rodenbourg (Luxembourg), Henri Rolin (Belgium), Alf Niels Christian Ross (Denmark), Baron Frederik Mari Van Asbeck (the Netherlands), Alfred Verdross (Austria) and Terje Wold (Norway).

    List of Judges since 1959

  • Moot Court Winner 2019

    Moot Court Winner 2019

    A team from the University of Oxford was declared winner of the 7th edition of the European Moot Court Competition in English on the European Convention of Human Rights. 20 university teams from 13 different countries were competing to win a fictitious case from 16 to 18 April 2019.

    This competition is organised jointly by the Council of Europe and the European Law Students Association (ELSA).

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  • Forthcoming judgment


    The Court will be delivering its Chamber judgment in the case of A.M. v. France on 29 April 2019.

    The applicant is an Algerian national who was sentenced in 2015 to a prison term for participation in a criminal conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism and was permanently banned from France. Currently under house arrest and subject to an expulsion order, he alleges that his deportation to Algeria would expose him to a risk of inhuman or degrading treatment.

    Press release

    Webcast of the hearing (22/01/2019)



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B.A.A. v. Romania

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