Grand Chamber judgment concerning Germany


In the case of Ilnseher v. Germany, the Court has held that there was no violation of the Convention.

The case concerns the lawfulness of the applicant’s preventive detention; he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for strangling a woman who was out jogging.


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Webcast of the hearing (29/11/2017)

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Grand Chamber

  • Referrals


    The Court accepted the referral to the Grand Chamber of the case of S.M. v. Croatia.

    The applicant, a Croatian national, complained that she had been forced to prostitute herself for several months. She alleged that the authorities had failed to respond appropriately to her complaint and submitted that there was no legal framework in Croatia for dealing with the issues raised by her case.

    The Court also decided to reject requests to refer 20 other cases.

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    Cases pending before the Grand Chamber

  • Request for an advisory opinion


    The Grand Chamber panel decided to accept the request for an advisory opinion from the French Court of Cassation received in October 2018. It is the first request received by the Court since the entry into force of Protocol No. 16.

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  • Forthcoming judgment


    The Court will be delivering its Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Lekić v. Slovenia on 11 December 2018.

    The applicant was an associate, employee and then managing director of a company which, having no liquid assets, became insolvent. It was struck off the court register of companies in 2001, but that decision could not be served on the company, since it no longer had an office at its registered address; or elsewhere. In 2010 part of the applicant’s monthly salary payments were seized to pay off a debt incurred by the company.

    Before the Court, the applicant complained about the company’s striking-off and the fact that he had been held liable for its debts.

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    Webcast of the hearing (14/03/2018)

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  • Judgment concerning Azerbaijan


    In the case of Haziyev v. Azerbaijan the Court found a violation of the right to liberty and security.

    The applicant, who is currently in detention, is a journalist. He used to write for the newspaper Azadliq  and was the presenter of a television show called “Azerbaijani Hour” which was critical of the government.

    The Court observed that it had already examined and found violations of the Convention in numerous cases against Azerbaijan concerning the practice of holding applicants in custody solely because an indictment had been filed against them.

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  • Judgment concerning Hungary


    In the case of Magyar Jeti Zrt v. Hungary the Court found a violation of the right to freedom of expression.

    In this case the applicant company, which runs a news website, had been found liable for posting a hyperlink to an interview on YouTube which was later found to be defamatory.

    The Court stressed in particular the importance of hyperlinking for the smooth operation of the Internet and distinguished the use of hyperlinks from traditional publishing, since hyperlinks directed people to available material rather than providing content.

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Other Information

  • Meeting with NGOs and applicants' representatives

    Meeting with NGOs and applicants' representatives

    On 30 November 2018, NGOs and applicants' representatives attended a meeting at the Court. President Guido Raimondi gave the opening address. Its purpose was mainly to discuss procedural and technical issues which arise for organisations representing applicants before the Court.

  • eComms


    The Court has set up the eComms system, a tool for applicants’ representatives to communicate electronically with the Court when notice of an application has been given to the respondent Government and observations are requested.

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Interim measures

  • Interim measures granted

    Interim measures granted

    The Court decided to grant interim measure in the new inter-State case brought by Ukraine against Russia concerning events in the Kerch Strait.

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  • Grand Chamber hearing concerning Spain

    Grand Chamber hearing concerning Spain

    The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of López Ribalda and Others v. Spain.

    The applicants, five cashiers working for the supermarket chain M.S.A., were dismissed on disciplinary grounds following proceedings in which video recordings showing them stealing items were admitted in evidence. In the proceedings before the Court the applicants complain in particular of the covert video surveillance and of the courts’ use of the data obtained to find that their dismissals were fair.

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    Webcast of the hearing

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  • 20 Years of the “New” Court

    20 Years of the “New” Court

    Twenty years after the setting up of a full-time European Court of Human Rights guaranteeing a right of individual petition to over 800 million Europeans, President Guido Raimondi hailed, on the occasion of a seminar organised under the Finnish presidency of the Council of Europe, the establishment of the “new” Court in 1998 as a landmark in the development of international human rights protection.

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    Speech by President Guido Raimondi (in French only)

    Interview with President Guido Raimondi (in French only)


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