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Calendar of hearings

Provisional list of scheduled hearings

The Court basically has a written procedure but occasionally decides to hold public hearings in specific cases. Hearings take place in the Human Rights Building in Strasbourg. They are public unless otherwise decided by the President of the Chamber or Grand Chamber, as the case may be. At the end of the hearing, the judges withdraw to deliberate. A judgment and/or a decision are delivered at a later date.

Please note that these dates are subject to cancellation

October 2020
14 October
NIT S.R.L. v. the Republic of Moldova (no. 28470/12)
Grand Chamber hearing
14 October 2020  at  09:15
October 2020
21 October
Denis and Irvine v. Belgium (nos. 62819/17 and 63921/17)
Grand Chamber hearing
21 October 2020  at  09:15
January 2021
27 January
Abdi Ibrahim v. Norway (no. 15379/16)
Grand Chamber hearing
27 January 2021  at  09:15

Attend a hearing

Hearings last approximately two hours with English and French interpretation.

As the number of seats in the courtroom is limited, a live broadcast of the hearing is organised.

If you wish to attend a public hearing, please complete the electronic form. The minimum age to attend a hearing is 18 years.

If a hearing is cancelled or adjourned, you will be informed as soon as possible.

All the Court’s public hearings are filmed and recordings are available on the Court’s website. Hearings held in the morning can be viewed from 2.30 p.m. onwards, while those held in the afternoon are available during the evening.

Thanks to the support provided by Ireland, all the Court’s public hearings since 2007 have been filmed and can be viewed in their entirety, with interpretation in French and English.

Rules of security and conduct