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Superior Courts Network



The overall aim of the SCN is to enrich dialogue and the implementation of the Convention.

The more concrete operational objective is to create a practical and useful means of exchanging relevant information on Convention case-law and related matters.

The President of the ECHR has entrusted the management of the SCN to the Jurisconsult of the ECHR.


  • Introduction to the SCN to know more about the origin and activities of the network.
  • The guiding principles of the SCN are set out in its Charter. The Operational Rules describe the functioning of the Network. They evolve in consultation with the member courts.
  • SCN Annual Report outlines the activities and achievements of the SCN in the last year.
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  • New member


    The SCN welcomes a new member: the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania, which brings the membership of the SCN to 74 courts from 36 States.

    Superior Courts Network – Member Courts



Member courts

Expressions of interest

Any court wishing to join the Network should write a letter to that effect to the President of the ECHR.

Secured website (for SCN members)


Message from President Raimondi

'' The European Court has always valued close dialogue with the superior national courts. Over the years, successive Presidents have fostered this through visits and other exchanges.

The establishment of the Superior Court Network (SCN) in October 2015 [...] ''

Message from President Guido Raimondi


SCN Focal Points Forum 2018

The SCN Focal Points Forum took place on 8 June 2018 in the Human Rights Building of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

This was the second gathering of the SCN Focal Points, both from the national member courts and from the ECHR Registry. It provided its members with the opportunity to exchange and thereby further enhance the ongoing dialogue and consolidate cooperation.

The President, the Registrar, the Deputy Registrars and the Jurisconsult of the ECHR attended the Forum. The agenda comprised a presentation on the entry into force of Protocol No. 16 and its practical implementation, with the participation of Tim Eicke, ECHR judge elected in respect of the United Kingdom.

Agenda      List of Participants      Speech by the President Raimondi (only in French)        2018 Forum Report