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Seminar Michael O'Boyle

Michael O’Boyle, Deputy Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights from February 2006, retired from that post in February 2015.

To pay tribute to his great achievements in the area of the international protection of human rights, a Seminar was organised in Strasbourg on 13 February 2015 by the International Institute of Human Rights, in co-operation with the Court. The theme was: The Right to Life: Twenty Years of Legal Developments since McCann v. the United Kingdom.

Michael O’Boyle is a prominent figure in the field of international human-rights protection. His graduate studies at the Institute marked his first real involvement with the Convention system and opened up a career in the Convention institutions. It was appropriate that the Institute and the Court join together to pay tribute to him.

The theme chosen for the Seminar has engaged Michael O’Boyle’s interest throughout his professional career. He was closely associated, in many different capacities, in the development of the Court’s case-law on Article 2 of the Convention.


Brief biographies of speakers and session chairs; speaking notes

Book based on the seminar

Michael O'Boyle, Former Deputy Registrar