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Case-law analysis

Case-law research reports

These reports concern certain transversal themes, particular Convention provisions and the use of other international instruments in the Court’s case-law.

Bioethics and the case-law of the Court

Case-law of the Court on young people

Publishers or organisations wishing to reproduce the Court's documents (or a translation thereof) in print or online are asked to contact for further instructions.

Pending translations

Child abuse

Conduct of public assemblies in the Court’s case-law

Cultural rights

Extra-territorial jurisdiction

Freedom of religion

Health related issues

National security and European case-law

New admissibility criterion

NGOs in the case-law of the Court

Positive obligations under Article 10

References to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Role of public prosecutor

Safety of journalists

The notion of ‘complaint’ and/or ‘subject matter’ of the dispute, and the application of the principle jura novit curia and the scope of the Grand Chamber's jurisdiction as to the admissible complaints

Treatment of persons of unsound mind and lawfulness of detention under Article 5

Use of Council of Europe treaties in the case-law of the Court