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Judgments and decisions

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HUDOC database


All the Court’s judgments and a large selection of decisions, information on communicated cases, advisory opinions, press releases, legal summaries and Commission decisions and reports are published in the HUDOC database.

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Selection of cases & citation mode

Key cases

Key cases

This selection, replacing the Reports of Judgments and Decisions, contains key cases or extracts of cases classified by Articles, alphabetical order of cases and of defending States.

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Reports of judgments and decisions

How to cite judgments, advisory opinions and key case decisions

The 'Case-law references of judgments, advisory opinions and key case decisions' is a master list of all judgments delivered by a Grand Chamber or Chamber, all advisory opinions and any related decisions as well as all decisions in key cases.

Recent judgments

Recent decisions

Mode of citation

This document explains the mode of citation of  the case-law of the Court and the Commission.


Note explaining the mode of citation of the case-law of the Court and the Commission

Case-law translations

Translations programme

The case-law translation programme is designed to improve the accessibility to and understanding of key Convention principles and standards at national level, in order to give full expression to the principle of subsidiarity.

The Court maintains an open invitation to partners to offer, for publication on the Court’s website or in HUDOC, any case-law translations to which they have the rights. By way of example, some sixty translations of case-law guides and handbooks were published in 2020. In addition, some 32,000 translations of judgments and decisions in over 30 languages other than English and French have been made available in HUDOC. A language-specific filter allows for rapid searching of these translations, including in free text.

Case-law translations

HELP Programme

The HELP Programme supports the Council of Europe member States in implementing the Convention at national level by enhancing the capacity of judges, lawyers and prosecutors to apply the Convention in their daily work.
The HELP website provides free on-line access to materials and tools for professional training on the Convention.


HELP website