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Rules of Court

Rules of Court

Rules of Court (1 January 2020)

Rules of Court (Romanian version - 1 January 2020)

Rules of Court (Spanish version - 1 August 2018)

Rules of Court (Italian version - 14 November 2016)

Rules of Court (Russian version - 1 January 2016)

Rules of Court (Turkish version - 1 June 2015)


Report on the implementation of the revised rule on the lodging of new applications:

Report on Rule 47

Only the English and French versions of the official texts have been validated by the Court.

The translations into non-official languages come from various sources.

Practice Directions

Practice directions are issued by the President of the Court to provide clarification on aspects of the Court's procedure. They concern:

Guidelines - Protocol No. 16

The Guidelines, which were approved by the Plenary Court on 18 September 2017 and are non-binding, should be read in the light of the provisions of Protocol No. 16 to the Convention and the corresponding Rules of the Rules of Court, also reproduced in Appendix I to the Guidelines.