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Chamber judgment concerning Bulgaria

Human Rights Building


In the case of Ekimdzhiev and Others v. Bulgaria, the Court has found a violation of the right to respect for private life and correspondence.

The case concerned secret surveillance and the system of retention and subsequent accessing of communications data in Bulgaria.

The Court found that the legislation governing secret surveillance and communications data did not meet the quality-of-law requirement under the Convention and was incapable of limiting surveillance, retention and access to what was strictly necessary

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Protocol No. 15 to the Convention reduces from 6 to 4 months the time-limit within which the Court must receive an application after the final domestic decision given in the framework of the exhaustion of domestic remedies. This new four-month time-limit will come into force on 1 February 2022. However, it will only apply to applications in which the final domestic decision in question was given on or after 1 February 2022. This change of time-limit has been adopted by the 47 member States of the Council of Europe.

Press Conferences

  • ECHR Press Conference 2022

    ECHR Press Conference 2022

    The President of the ECHR, Robert Spano, will hold a press conference broadcast live on the Council of Europe website on Tuesday 25 January 2022 at 9.30 a.m. On that occasion he will present the results of the Court's activities and statistics for the year 2021. The President and Marialena Tsirli, Registrar of the Court, will then take questions from journalists.

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Grand Chamber

  • Referral to the Grand Chamber

    Referral to the Grand Chamber

    The Court has accepted the referral to the Grand Chamber of the case of Sanchez v. France.

    The case concerns the criminal conviction of the applicant, at the time a local councillor who was standing for election to Parliament, for incitement to hatred or violence against a group of people or an individual on the grounds of their membership of a specific religion, following his failure to take prompt action in deleting comments posted by others on the wall of his Facebook account.

    The Court has also decided to adjourn one referral request and to reject requests to refer five other cases.

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  • Judgment concerning Portugal


    In the case of Freitas Rangel v. Portugal, the Court has found a violation of the right to freedom of expression.

    The case concerned the conviction of the applicant, a well-known journalist, on account of statments he made to a Parliamentary Committee in 2010. In particular he had said that judges and prosecutors intervened in politics and regularly breached their duty of judicial secrecy.

    The Court found that the fine and compensation that the applicant had been ordered to pay were totally disproportionate and could have a chilling effect on public debate.

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  • Forthcoming hearing

    Forthcoming hearing

    The Court will be holding a Grand Chamber hearing on admissibility in the inter-State case Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia on 26 January 2022.

    The case concerns events in eastern Ukraine, including the downing of Flight MH17.

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