Privacy Statement


Protection of personal data

The Court complies with the Council of Europe's policy on protection of personal data, in so far as this is consistent with exercising its functions under the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Council of Europe is committed to respect for private life. Its policy on protection of personal data is founded on the Secretary General’s Regulation of 17 April 1989 outlining a data protection system for personal data files in the Council of Europe.

Most pages of the Council of Europe site require no personal information except in certain cases to allow requests for on-line services to be met. In such cases, the information is processed in accordance with the Confidentiality policy described below.


Where a user connects to the site, certain of his/her particulars, such as Internet digital address (IP), navigation round the site, software used, time spent and other like data are stored on the Council of Europe servers. These items do not specifically identify the user. The information is only put to internal use, for the purposes of analysing the traffic on the site.

The Council of Europe accepts no responsibility as regards the security of the information in question – this policy covers all Council of Europe websites.


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