Grand Chamber judgment concerning the Netherlands


In the case of Jaloud v. the Netherlands, the Court held that there had been a violation of Article 2 (right to life).

The case concerned the investigation by the Netherlands authorities into the death of an Iraqi civilian who died of gunshot wounds in Iraq in April 2004 in an incident involving Netherlands Royal Army personnel.

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Hearing of 19/02/2014

Chamber Judgments

  • Judgment concerning Belgium


    In the case of Vasilescu v. Belgium, the Court observed that the problems arising from prison overcrowding in Belgium, and the problems of unhygienic and dilapidated prison institutions, were structural in nature. It recommended that Belgium envisage adopting general measures.

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    Factsheet: Detention conditions and treatment of prisoners

  • Judgment concerning France


    In the case of Bodein v. France the Court concluded that there had been no violation of the Convention.

    The applicant is currently serving a life sentence for three murders, including two committed against minors under the age of fifteen, preceded or accompanied by rape. He complained that no reasons had been given in the judgment finding him guilty, and submitted that his sentence amounted to inhuman or degrading treatment inasmuch as, in his view, he had not been afforded any prospect of sentence adjustment or release, apart from a Presidential Pardon.

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Official Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis

Grand Chamber

  • Referrals to the Grand Chamber


    The Court has accepted the referral to the Grand Chamber of two cases concerning Sweden and Switzerland.

    The case of M.E. v. Sweden concerns the applicant’s threatened expulsion from Sweden to Libya, where he alleges he would be at risk of persecution and ill-treatment because he is a homosexual.

    The case of A.B. v. Switzerland concerns a journalist who was fined 4,000 Swiss francs
    (about 2,667 euros) for publishing documents in breach of the confidentiality of the judicial investigation in criminal proceedings.

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Official Visits

  • Official Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis

    Official Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis

    Pope Francis paid an official visit to the Council of Europe on 25 November 2014. His Holiness addressed the Organisation in a solemn session bringing together all its institutions. President Spielmann was presented to the Supreme Pontiff.

  • Visit by the Attorney General of the United Kingdom

    Visit by the Attorney General of the United Kingdom

    On 24 November 2014, Jeremy Wright QC MP, Attorney General of the United Kingdom, visited the Court and was received by President Spielmann, and Erik Fribergh, Registrar.

  • Meeting with NGOs and applicants' representatives

    Meeting with NGOs and applicants' representatives

    On 21 November 2014, NGOs and applicants' representatives attended a meeting at the Court. President Spielmann gave the opening address. Its purpose was mainly to discuss procedural and technical issues which arise for organisations representing applicants before the Court.

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  • Handbook on European law


    The Handbook on European Data Protection Law, published jointly by the Court and the FRA (the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) is now available in 17 languages. Intended for legal practitioners, the handbook provides an overview of the applicable EU and Council of Europe legal frameworks and sets out the relevant case-law of the Court and the ECJ.

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