Judgment concerning Romania


In the case of Mocanu and Others v. Romania, which concerned the investigation and the length of the proceedings following a violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in Bucharest in June 1990, the Court has found violations of Articles 2, 3 and 6 of the Convention.

During the crackdown, Mrs Mocanu’s husband was killed by gunfire and Mr Stoica was arrested and ill-treated by police officers.

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Webcast of the hearing 2/10/2013

Judgment concerning the United Kingdom


In the case of Hassan v. the United Kingdom, the Court held that there has been no violation of the Convention.

The case concerned the capture of an Iraqi national, Tarek Hassan, by the British armed forces and his detention at Camp Bucca in southeastern Iraq during the hostilities in 2003. His brother claims that Tarek was under the control of British forces, and that his dead body was subsequently found bearing marks of torture and execution.

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Webcast of the hearing 11/12/2013


  • Grand Chamber hearing concerning the Russian Federation

    Grand Chamber hearing concerning the Russian Federation


    The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Khoroshenko v. Russia.

    The case concerns the complaint by a life prisoner that no long-term family visits were allowed during his detention in a special regime correctional colony.

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  • Forthcoming hearing

    Forthcoming hearing

    On 24 September 2014, the Court will be holding a hearing in the case of Roman Zakharov v. Russia. The case concerns the complaint by an editor-in-chief of a publishing company about the lack of sufficient safeguards under Russian law against the monitoring of telephone communications by law-enforcement agencies.

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Chamber judgments

  • Judgment concerning Italy


    In the case of Valle Pierimpiè Società Agricola S.p.a v. Italy, the Court held that the transfer to State ownership, without compensation, of a fishing valley in the Venice lagoon used by a company was in breach of the Convention.

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Other information

  • Statement by the Registrar


    Following the recent publication in the Italian press of information concerning the applications lodged by Silvio Berlusconi, the Registrar of the Court wishes to provide the following clarifications.

    Three applications lodged by Mr Berlusconi are currently pending before the Court. To date, no decision has been made on the admissibility of any of these applications.

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  • Applicant pages in all languages

    Applicant pages in all languages

    Web pages providing helpful information for anyone wishing to apply to the Court have now been published in all the official languages of the member States.

    The pages are fully available in the languages of the States Parties and contain all the documents needed to apply to the Court, together with translations of publications, flow charts and videos and useful links explaining the functioning of the Court in 35 languages.

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Grand Chamber

  • Referrals to the Grand Chamber


    The Court has accepted the referral to the Grand Chamber of 4 cases.

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Official visit

  • Visit to the Republic of Moldova

    Visit to the Republic of Moldova

    On 19 September 2014, Josep Casadevall, Vice-President and Judge elected in respect of Andorra, paid an official visit to the Republic of Moldova. During his visit, he was received by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti. On that occasion, he also met Oleg Efrim, Minister for Justice, and Mihai Poalelungi, President of the Supreme Court. He was accompanied by Valeriu Griţco, Judge elected in respect of the Republic of Moldova, and Marialena Tsirli, Deputy Section Registrar.

  • Visit to Lithuania

    Visit to Lithuania

    On 12 September 2014, President Spielmann paid an official visit to Lithuania. On that occasion, he was received by the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė. During his visit, he also met the Minister of Justice, Juozas Bernatonis, the President of the Supreme Court, Gintaras Kryževičius, the President of the Constitutional Court, Dainius Žalimas, and judges of the Constitutional Court. President Spielmann was accompanied by Egidijus Kūris, Judge elected in respect of Lithuania, and Roderick Liddell, Director of Common Services.



  • ECHR re-elects a Vice-President

    ECHR re-elects a Vice-President

    Judge Josep Casadevall has today been re-elected Vice-President of the Court. He will also continue to sit as Section President.

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