Grand Chamber Judgment concerning France


In the case of Couderc and Hachette Filipacchi Associés v. France, the Court has found a violation of freedom of expression on account of the sentence imposed on the weekly magazine Paris-Match for having published information in 2005 about the private life of Prince Albert of Monaco.

The Court found that the disputed publication admittedly concerned the sphere of Prince Albert’s private life, but considered that the essential element of the information contained in the article – the child’s existence – went beyond the private sphere, given the hereditary nature of the Prince’s functions as the Monegasque Head of State.

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Delivery of the Judgment Webcast of the hearing (15/4/2015)

Meeting at the Court

  • Meeting with the Government Agents

    Meeting with the Government Agents

    On 16 November 2015 the Government Agents, who represent the States in the proceedings before the Court, attended a seminar in which President Guido Raimondi, Section President Angelika Nußberger and Judges Julia Laffranque, Johannes Silvis and Robert Spano, Erik Fribergh, Registrar of the Court, Roderick Liddell, Deputy Registrar a.i., Section Registrars and Deputy Section Registrars took part. This event provides an opportunity for the Agents to express their concerns and indicate any problems they have encountered in their work. Various procedural and practical matters were discussed in the course of the seminar.


Official visits

  • Visit by a delegation of the CCBE

    Visit by a delegation of the CCBE

    On 13 November 2015, President Raimondi received a delegation from the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) led by her President, Maria Ślązak, for a working meeting. During the visit the delegation also met Kristina Pardalos, judge elected in respect of San Marino, Julia Laffranque, judge elected in respect of Estonia, Yonko Grozev, judge elected in respect of Bulgaria and members of the Registry.


Other information

  • New handbook ECHR-FRA


    The Court and the FRA (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) have launched a handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child. This handbook is a point of reference on both Council of Europe and European Union law related to the protection and promotion of children’s rights.

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  • Inadmissibility decision


    The Court has declared inadmissible the application in the case of M’Bala M’Bala v. France.

    The case concerned the conviction of Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, a comedian with political activities, for public insults directed at a person or group of persons on account of their origin or of belonging to a given ethnic community, nation, race or religion, specifically in this case persons of Jewish origin or faith.

    The Court found that the acts at issue were unmistakeably negationist and anti-Semitic in nature. It concluded that the applicant had sought to deflect Article 10 from its real purpose by using his right to freedom of expression for ends which were incompatible with the letter and spirit of the Convention and which, if admitted, would contribute to the destruction of Convention rights and freedoms.

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  • Grand Chamber hearing concerning Hungary

    Grand Chamber hearing concerning Hungary

    The Court held a hearing in the case of Magyar Helsinki Bizottság v. Hungary. The applicant, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, is a NGO active in the field of monitoring the implementation of international human rights instruments in Hungary and in related advocacy.

    The case concerns the authorities’ refusal to provide it with information related to the work of court-appointed defenders.

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    Country profile - Hungary

    Webcast of the hearing

  • Forthcoming hearings

    Forthcoming hearings

    In November 2015, the Court will be holding a hearing in the case of Magyar Helsinki Bizottság v. Hungary and a hearing in the case of Ibrahim and Others v. the United Kingdom.

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