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The Court has found that the application in the case of Belkacem v. Belgium was incompatible with the Convention and has declared it inadmissible. It held, in particular, that the applicant had attempted to deflect Article 10 of the Convention from its real purpose by using his right to freedom of expression for ends which were manifestly contrary to the spirit of the Convention.

The case concerned the conviction of the applicant, the leader and spokesperson of the organisation “Sharia4Belgium” (dissolved in 2012), for incitement to discrimination, hatred and violence on account of comments he had made in YouTube videos concerning non-Muslim groups and Sharia.

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Factsheet: Hate speech

Grand Chamber

  • Relinquishment


    The Chamber to which the case of Schwabach and Others v. Denmark had been allocated has relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber.

    While they were in Copenhagen to watch a football match between Denmark and Sweden in October 2009, the applicants were arrested by the police for the purpose of preventing hooligan violence. They complain that their detention was unlawful.

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    Factsheet: Sport and the European Convention on Human Rights

    Cases pending before the Grand Chamber

  • Judgment concerning Portugal

    Judgment concerning Portugal

    In the case of Moreira Ferreira v. Portugal (no. 2) the Court held that there had been no violation of the Convention.

    The case concerned the rejection by the Supreme Court of a request lodged by the applicant for revision of a criminal judgment following a judgment delivered by the ECHR in 2011.

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    Webcast of the hearing (01/06/2016)

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Case-law publications

  • Country profiles

    Country profiles

    “Country profiles” containing data and information, broken down by individual State, on significant cases considered by the Court or currently pending before it, have been updated on 1st July 2017. There is one country file for each Council of Europe member State.

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  • Overview of the Court's case-law

    Overview of the Court's case-law

    The Court has published an Overview of its case-law for the first 6 months of 2017, which contains a selection of cases of interest from a legal perspective.

    Overview of the Court's case-law (January-June 2017)

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  • Judgments concerning Belgium


    In the case of Belcacemi and Oussar v. Belgium the Court held that the ban on the wearing in public of clothing that partly or totally covers the face, under the Belgian law of 1 June 2011, was not in breach of the Convention.

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    In the case of Dakir v. Belgium the Court held that the ban imposed by three Belgian municipalities on wearing face covering in public places was not in breach of the Convention. The applicant, a Belgian national and a Muslim, complained of the ban on wearing the niqab in public places in the three municipalities.

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    Factsheet: Religious symbols and clothing

    Factsheet: Freedom of religion





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