Chamber Judgment concerning Italy


In the case of Oliari and Others v. Italy, the Court held that there has been a violation of the right to respect for family life. The applicants, 3 homosexual couples, complained that under Italian legislation they do not have the possibility to get married or enter into any other type of civil union, and that they are being discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation.

The Court considered that a civil union or registered partnership would be the most appropriate way for same-sex couples like the applicants to have their relationship legally recognised.

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Grand Chamber

  • Relinquishment


    The Chamber to which the case of Frisvold and Flom-Jacobsen v. Norway had been assigned has relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber. The two applicants in this case complain that they were prosecuted and punished twice for the same offence, in the context of tax proceedings. The Court will hold a hearing in the case on 13 January 2016.



  • Grand Chamber hearing concerning Hungary

    Grand Chamber hearing concerning Hungary

    The Court held a hearing in the cases of Karácsony and Others v. Hungary and Szél and Others v. Hungary. These cases concern complaints by members of the Hungarian Parliament of two opposition parties about having been fined, for gravely disturbing Parliament’s work, following their protests against two legislative proposals.

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  • Chamber judgment concerning Hungary


    The Court has decided to apply the pilot-judgment procedure in the case of Gazsó v. Hungary concerning the excessive length of civil proceedings in Hungary. About 400 similar applications against Hungary are pending before the Court.

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    Factsheet: Pilot Judgments



  • Elections at the Court


    Judges András Sajó (Hungary) and Luis López Guerra (Spain) have today been elected Section Presidents. They have been elected for a two-year term and will take up their duties on 1 August 2015 and 1 September 2015 respectively.

    The European Court of Human Rights’ Judges have also elected Roderick Liddell as Registrar of the Court for a five-year term of office.

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  • Inadmissibility Decision


    The Court has declared inadmissible the case of Nicklinson and Lamb v. the United Kingdom. Jane Nicklinson's husband was suffering from locked-in syndrome following a stroke and Paul Lamb was paralysed following a car accident. Both men wished to end their life but were unable to do it without assistance. They complained about the ban under UK law on assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia.

    The Court concluded that Mrs Nicklinson's application was manifestly ill-founded and declared it inadmissible, and that Mr Lamb's application was inadmissible for non-exhaustion of domestic remedies.

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    Factsheet - End of life and the ECHR


Official Visits

  • French Cassation Court

    French Cassation Court

    On 10 July 2015, President Spielmann paid an official visit to Paris at the French Cassation Court. During the visit, he was received by the First President Bertrand Louvel and the Chief Prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin. Dean Spielmann was accompanied by Guido Raimondi, Vice President of the Court, Angelika Nussberger, judge elected in respect of Germany, André Potocki, judge elected in respect of France and Erik Fribergh, Registrar.

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