Grand Chamber hearing concerning Romania


The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Bărbulescu v. Romania.

The case concerns the applicant’s dismissal by a private company for having used the company’s Internet for personal purposes during working hours, in breach of internal regulations.

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Factsheet: Protection of personal data Factsheet: New technologies

Factsheet: Work-related rights Factsheet: Surveillance at workplace

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  • Meeting with NGOs and applicants' representatives

    Meeting with NGOs and applicants' representatives

    On 2 December 2016, NGOs and applicants' representatives attended a meeting at the Court.

    President Guido Raimondi gave the opening address. Its purpose was mainly to discuss procedural and technical issues which arise for organisations representing applicants before the Court.

    Speech by President Guido Raimondi

  • Translations of case-law


    To make its case-law more accessible, the Court publishes translations of its judgments, decisions and summaries in the HUDOC database. To date, some 20,000 translations in more than 30 languages have been made available on line. They emanate from governments, NGOs, associations, bar councils and academic institutions, as well as those obtained with the support of the Human Rights Trust Fund.

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  • Electronic formats


    Information Notes (provisional versions) and the Overview of the Case-law are now available in EPUB and MOBI formats for easy reading on smartphones and tablets.

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  • Judgment concerning the Russian Federation


    In the case of Cherepanov v. Russia, the Court held that there had been a violation of freedom of movement.

    The case concerned a travel ban imposed on the applicant by the bailiff service in Moscow.

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