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All the Court’s judgments and a large selection of decisions, information on communicated cases, advisory opinions, press releases, legal summaries and Commission decisions and reports are published in the HUDOC database.

Some 140,000 documents can be accessed in this database, about 16% of which are translations into non-official languages of the Council of Europe. To date the HUDOC interface is accessible not only in French and English but also in Russian and Turkish, and the database contains documents in 31 languages.


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  • Webcast of ECHR hearings

    Webcast of ECHR hearings

    The Court is one of the few international courts to film its public hearings in full and broadcast them on the same day via its website.

    Thanks to financing by Ireland for the past 10 years, over 230 hearings have been filmed and recorded to be made available for watching in full.

    Webcasts of hearings

    Webcasts by State


  • Information material

    Information material

    A large number of information documents and videos about the Court and its case-law have been translated into the official languages of the Council of Europe member States. Alongside these languages, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese versions have also been produced to ensure wider dissemination of the Court’s work and a greater understanding of how it functions.


    The documents are accessible via the internet site and the videos can be viewed on the Court’s YouTube channel.



Interim Measures

  • Interim measures concerning Turkey


    In the cases Özakça v. Turkey and Gülmen v. Turkey the Court has decided to reject the applicants' request for interim measures.

    The applicants, who have been detained on remand since 23 May 2017, requested the Court on 29 June 2017 to indicate to the Government of Turkey, under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court (interim measures), to release them.

    Press release

    Factsheet: Interim measures

    Factsheet: Hunger strikes in detention


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