Grand Chamber hearing concerning Italy

The Court held a Grand Chamber hearing in the cases of G.I.E.M. s.r.l. v. Italy, Hotel promotion Bureau s.r.l. and Rita Sarda s.r.l. v. Italy, and Falgest s.r.l. and Gironda v. Italy.

In these cases, the applicants complain about the confiscation of dwellings and land owned by them which formed part of development projects initially authorised by the competent authorities but later declared illegal.

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  • Grand Chamber judgment concerning Italy

    Grand Chamber judgment concerning Italy


    In the case of Parrillo v. Italy, concerning the ban in Italy on donating embryos for scientific research, the Court held that there has been no violation of the Convention.

    The applicant and her partner, who has since died, had recourse to medically assisted procreation techniques and they underwent in vitro fertilisation treatment. She now wishes to donate the in vitro embryos to assist scientific research and contribute to finding ways of curing diseases that are difficult to treat.

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  • Judgment concerning Italy


    In the case of Khlaifia and Others v. Italy, the Court found a number of violations of the Convention.

    The case concerned the detention of Tunisian migrants in degrading conditions on the island of Lampedusa and their collective expulsion. The applicants had arrived on the shores of Italy in 2011 having left their country because of the events following the ‘Arab Spring’.

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  • Hearings in September 2015

    Hearings in September 2015

    In September 2015, the Court will be holding 2 hearings in cases concerning Italy and Belgium. All hearings are webcasted and can be viewed on the Court’s internet site.

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