Delivery of judgments

Jeunesse v. the Netherlands (no.12738/10)
Mocanu and Others v. Romania (nos 10865/09, 45886/07 and 32431/08)
Hassan v. the United Kingdom (no. 29750/09)
Center for Legal Resources on behalf of Valentin Câmpeanu v. Romania (no. 47848/08)
Svinarenko and Slyadnev v. Russia (nos. 32541/08 and 43441/08)
Ališić and Others v. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (no. 60642/08)
Fernandez Martinez v. Spain (no. 56030/07)
Vučković and Others v. Serbia (no. 17153/11)
Janowiec and Others v. Russia (nos. 55508/07 and 29520/09)
Maktouf and Damjanovic v. Bosnia and Herzegovina (nos. 2312/08 and 34179/08)
Sindicatul 'Pastorul cel Bun' v. Romania (no. 2330/09)
Vinter and Others v. United Kingdom (no. 66069/09, 130/10 et 3896/10)
Animal Defenders International c. United Kingdom (no. 48876/08)
Oleksandr Volkov v. Ukraine (no. 21722/11)

Court's judgments are delivered in writing.
Exceptionally, Court's judgments are delivered in public hearings.