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Case-Law Information Note

This monthly publication contains summaries of cases (judgments, admissibility decisions, communicated cases and cases pending before the Grand Chamber) considered to be of particular interest. Each summary has a headnote and is classified by the Convention Article(s) to which the case relates and by keywords. The Case-Law Information Note also provides news about the Court and Court publications.

In the provisional version of the Note, the summaries are normally drafted in the language of the case concerned; final single-language versions are later published in both English and French. An annual index provides an overview of all the cases summarised in each calendar year.

Legal summaries published in Case-law Information Notes are also available in HUDOC.

Starting with the January 2013 edition and thanks to the Turkish Ministry of Justice, the Note is now also available in Turkish.


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Joint publications by the ECHR and FRA

Handbook on European non-discrimination law

This handbook — published jointly by the Court and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) in 2010 — is the first comprehensive guide to European non-discrimination law. It develops the related European case-law and covers the context and background to discrimination categories and defences, the scope of the law (including who is protected) and the grounds protected, such as sex, disability, age, race and nationality. The case-law update of the handbook covers the period from July 2010 until December 2011.

English (Handbook) | English (update)

French (Handbook) | French (update)

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Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration

This handbook — the second joint publication by the Court and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) — is the first comprehensive guide to European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration. It focuses on law covering the situation of third-country nationals in Europe and covers a broad range of topics, including access to asylum procedures, forced returns, detention and restrictions to freedom of movement.

English | French | Bulgarian | Croatian | German | Greek

Hungarian | Italian | Polish |Romanian | Spanish

Handbook on European data protection law

This Handbook is a comprehensive guide to European data protection law designed to familiarise legal practitioners who are not specialised in the field of data protection with this area of law. It provides an overview of the EU’s and the CoE’s applicable legal frameworks and explains key jurisprudence of both the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

English | French | Bulgarian | Croatian | Dutch | Estonian | Finnish | German | Greek | Hungarian

Italian | Lithuanian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Slovak | Slovenian | Spanish

Publications of the Council of Europe’s Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law

Human Rights files

The “Human rights files” series is aimed at specialists in European law: lawyers, practitioners and research students. It also constitutes a useful resource for the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the signatory states.

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Human Rights handbooks

Written by experts in the field, each handbook deals with one aspect of the European Convention on Human Rights or its protocols. They were written with legal practitioners, and particularly judges, in mind, but are accessible also to other interested readers.

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Domestic remedies

This Guide presents the fundamental legal principles applicable to remedies if they are to be considered effective.

Committee of Ministers - Guide to good practice in respect of domestic remedies, 2013

Practical impact of monitoring mechanisms

This document describes how the Council of Europe mechanisms pertaining to human rights and the rule of law have helped to bring about genuine improvements in legislation, practice and the situation of individuals in the member States.

Practical impact of monitoring mechanisms

Human Rights and criminal procedure

Council of Europe;European Convention on Human Rights

This handbook is intended to assist judges, lawyers and prosecutors to take account of the many requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights - both explicit and implicit - for the criminal process when interpreting and applying Codes of criminal procedure and comparable or related legislation.

Human Rights and criminal procedure

Human rights and the fight against terrorism

The guidelines affirm states’obligation to protect everyone against terrorism, and reiterate the need to avoid arbitrariness. They also stress that all measures taken by states to combat terrorism must be lawful,and that torture must be prohibited.

Human rights and the fight against terrorism

"Human Rights" teaching resources

Rights and freedoms in practice

These worksheets, which are both theoretical and practical, are a dynamic resource to help teachers foster an awareness of human rights among their pupils.

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Human rights and policing

The handbook is a tool for the police and other state authorities to prevent and fight police misconduct or impunity and uphold human rights.

The European Convention on Human Rights and policing

Publication of the European Audiovisual Observatory

This publication provides valuable insights into the Court’s case-law on freedom of expression and media and journalistic freedoms (Article 10 of the Convention). It summarises over 200 judgments or decisions by the Court.

Freedom of Expression, the Media and Journalists: Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

Anniversary Book: The Conscience of Europe

Anniversary, Book, English, Conscience, Europe

This book, designed to mark the Court’s 50th anniversary in 2009 and the Convention’s 60th in 2010, does not purport to be a full and complete history of the institution. Nor is it a treatise on the Court’s procedure and case-law, on which many publications already exist. Rather, being intended for the general reader wishing to increase his or her knowledge of the Court as an institution, it steers a course between an academic commentary and a purely introductory guide. It groups a variety of individual contributions, on topics generally selected by the authors themselves, round a skeleton retracing the main relevant events over the last half-century. Publication has been made possible by a generous contribution from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Content of the book "The Conscience of Europe"

Following the first edition of 2010 published in English and in French, the Russian edition of the Anniversary Book was launched in April 2013. It was published in co-operation with iRGa 5 Ltd. (Moscow) and Third Millennium Information Ltd. (London). The Russian edition comes with updated and additional content tailored to the Russian-speaking readership. Publication was supported by the Supreme Court and the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation. These institutions are also helping to disseminate the book in Russian legal circles, including to some 5,000 courts and prosecutor’s offices throughout Russia.

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Russian Version - полное содержание книги «Совесть Европы»