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European agreement

Agreement relating to persons participating in proceedings of the ECHR.

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Judicial ethics

In 2008 the Court adopted a resolution on judicial ethics. This text, which applies to serving members of the Court as well as, where relevant, former and ad hoc judges, sets down a series of principles that judges should observe. It also deals with specific situations, such as additional activities and the acceptance of decorations and honours.
By articulating the principles that underlie the criteria for judicial office set forth in Article 21 of the European Convention on Human Rights and in the relevant provisions of the Rules of Court, the intention is to bring more transparency to the obligations inherent in judicial office, thereby enhancing public confidence in the Court.

Resolution on judicial ethics

Pilot-judgment procedure

Over the past few years the Court has developed a new procedure known as the pilot-judgment procedure as a means of dealing with large groups of identical cases that derive from the same underlying problem. The Court has for some time had pending before it a great many of these cases, referred to as repetitive cases. They represent a significant proportion of the Court’s workload and therefore contribute to the congestion in the Court’s processes. The purpose of the document below is to provide information about this procedure.

Note on the pilot-judgment procedure